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As organizations continue to collect and use valuable personal information and data about their users, consumers, and employees, it is vitally important that these organizations implement appropriate data privacy and cybersecurity programs. Fraser Stryker is dedicated to providing its clients comprehensive and practical legal advice regarding evolving state, federal, and international data privacy regulations. Fraser Stryker understands the need for organizations to obtain the right to use their data while respecting user privacy and protecting against unauthorized breaches. Our attorneys routinely counsel both e-commerce and traditional businesses of all sizes regarding their privacy and security obligations under applicable law.

The Fraser Stryker Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Group advises clients on a broad range of data privacy and security issues, including the following:

  • Data privacy and security risk assessments
  • Privacy policy review, drafting, and implementation
  • The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The Nebraska Financial Data Protection and Consumer Notification of Data Security Breach Act
  • Iowa data breach notification requirements under Iowa Code Chapter 715C
  • Federal Trade Commission compliance
  • Internet marketing and targeted advertising compliance
  • Mobile application privacy assessments
  • Data breach response and notification
  • Data breach incident response plans and preparedness
  • Technology and vendor contract review
  • Data privacy litigation
  • Cyberinsurance policy review

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